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The Aquaculture Regulatory Framework

As aquaculture grows, it, and ancillary support industries, must deal with an evolving and often confusing regulatory framework.  Unfortunately, the majority of this framework is geared towards major species (horses, dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens) and not minor species like fish.

This means that dealing with the regulatory process can be both expensive and time consuming, which can severely tax a business model and jeopardize the viability of an aquaculture business or venture.

AquaTactics® Regulatory Consultation Services

The AquaTactics® team have handled the registration of multiple fish health pharmaceuticals and biologicals around the world. We are here to provide assistance and help you to expedite the approval process.

The AquaTactics® team have a wealth of experience in this area, and a proven track record in helping various companies expedite both aquaculture products and facilities through the perplexing FDA and USDA regulatory requirements

It is often an arduous and daunting process, but AquaTactics® personnel are here to help your company find the quickest and most economical avenue possible.

We have successfully expedited the approval process of multiple fish health pharmaceuticals and/or biologics through various US and international agencies and regulatory bodies, including:  

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